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  More Detailed Information Downloads  
These downloads are outline texts, describing the many discrete but essential components of integrated working relative to the LFRMP.
  Local Area Committee Potential Impact on LFRMP  
This text clarifies the potential for Local Area Committee scrutiny of LFRMP, as well as the potential capacity for extending public engagement. Download Scrutinising the Local Flood Risk Management Plan rev C.pdf
  Building a hydro nation consultation response  
This further response is to the Scottish Governments consultation on its prospectus for the hydro nation. Download Hydro nation word version response rev B.pdf
  Reducing the Capital Costs of Sustainable Development  
This pamphlet sets out in outline the necessary coupling of Sustainable Economic Development with Affordable Flood Risk Management to reduce the capital costs to Local Authority or Public Sector bodies Download Publication leaflet apr 2011 rev c full.pdf
  Central Procurement Integrated Multi-lot Tendering Overview.  
This download highlights the technical needs within the Central procurement tenderering procedures, to enable more integrated approaches from framework service providers, at a lower overall cost to the public. Download Advancing SuDS capital and maintenance works Rev F extended.pdf
  Procurement Improvement Bill Consultation Response  
This download provides the formal response of Tingle Consulting Ltd to the Scottish Government's Procurement Improvement Bill consultation. Download Procurement reform response.pdf